Welcome To [NTFG] 

Welcome To [NTFG] Please Enjoy!

Server #1 Collection URL: 

Step #1 Download All Addons...

Step #2 Restart Garry's Mod

Step #3 Return to Server

Step #4 If Not Working Ask An Admin To GoTo You By Typing in Chat "@ Admin To Me I Need Help With The Addons"

Step #5 If Working Enjoy :) 


This Server Runs On Donation's

To Keep This Server Up We Need To Get at The Least 20$ A month And We Will Be Able To Provide All Of You {Our Users} With Good Admin Work, 69% Faster Response From Admin's, 50% Less RDM, A Safe Environment To Play And Have Fun With You'r Friends, 75 % Less Bans {Perma Ban's Are Only For Hacking, Threatening The Server, Admin Abusing}. Any Reports on User's/Admins/Superadmins Requirements Are Video/Pic Proof Of Harassment or Abusiveness {Video Proof Recommended}


Donation Policy

Just Because you Donate Does Not Mean You Are Treated Any Different. Yes You May Have Helped The Server But That Does not Give You The Right to Get mad And Threaten us because you Got Banned For a week or so because you Disrespected our User's/staff So We Do Not Treat our Server Doner's any different. They get the same punishment and help as you do as a User.


Suggestions Request 

Shoot Me An Email Saying what you would like And Ill Review it There's A 48% Chance of it happening. There's No Such Thing As Stupid Ideas!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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